Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chevy aveo 2005 headlight question!?

hello there!, i saw on tv a commercial for these headlights, they are mind to shine 30% further or something like that, i cant remember the name of them, if anyone could tell me id be grateful! Also i have a chevy aveo that my wife uses to get to work and back, i want to change them so she is safer driving with them. Especially this time of year, problem is im not a mechanic, does any mechanic or chevy owner tell me how to change the headlight bulbs, and if you can just out of curiousity, tell me how to change the tail lights too? Thanks!!Chevy aveo 2005 headlight question!?
You might consider that installing brighter bulbs is going to temporarily blind the oncoming drivers at select times,possibly causing a head on crash.I say this because I work in a body shop and have seen it happen.The manufacturers install the best bulbs that are practical to use under all conditions.